Memories from Summer of 2018

Friday, July 30, 2010


(The herbs on cookie sheets lined with paper towels)
Well, I did this a few times through the years on a small scale, but this year the dill, parsley and basil have   been growing like crazy and I haven't wanted it to go to waste.   

I'm including 3 different links where you can find several  methods of drying herbs.  I've used the microwave and oven.   They both have worked great.  I'm still going to dry them throughout the summer as they keep growing, but wanted to give you a little heads up in case you're in the same spot I was in.
 (Basil on the left, parsley in the middle, and dill seeds on the right)

Links for information on drying herbs---


Denice Whitaker said...

Thanks for your herb drying tips. I wanted to let you know that I tried the links and they didn't work for me.
This was our first year of growing herbs. Alan has been as into it as me, if not more! Cilantro, lavender, thyme, and rosemary were the ones we tried. Good Luck w/some, not so good luck w/others. But a good learning experience.
As always...I so enjoy browsing your webpages! Hugs

mamag7 said...

Sorry, Denice, just saw this, but I have fixed the links so there are 3 that work for now :)