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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Below I have listed a number of topics I have spoken on over the years.  Whatever the theme of your retreat or Mother/Daughter banquet, not listed here, I can accommodate.  Please feel free to write for any further questions.

“The God Of All Comfort” is a study that deals with the sources of comfort that come from the Scriptures, Jesus Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Christian friends.      Those that are in need of comfort include:  the afflicted, sorrowful, weak, discouraged, and the troubled.      The Comforter is the Holy Spirit and what His job is in comforting, teaching, convicting, pointing to Christ, glorifying Christ and guiding to the Truth.

“Reach Out and Touch” concerns three different aspects of reaching out and touching.    We first reach out to God inwardly and upwardly.     In reaching outwardly, we reach out to the unsaved.   Because this is our responsibility, God has commanded us to go and tell (the Great Commission).   Also involved in reaching outwardly, is reaching out to the family of God.   This includes fellowship and encouraging one another, sharing blessings and joys together, and just being there for someone that really needs you.

“Love Makes a Friend” touches a very special part of every woman’s life.   A friend is someone with whom you can dare to be yourself.     The common nature of a friend includes the same interests, love, and sympathy.  There are many values of a friend as well as tests of our friendship.   Some of the examples of Biblical friendships included Ruth and Naomi; David and Jonathan; and Paul and Timothy.

There are also different ways in which love is an extension of friendships in our lives.   Some include loving, forgiving, praying and encouraging.  

“Promises Of Rainbows” was chosen because a rainbow is beautiful in color and size, covers such a wide area, usually follows a storm, and holds a lot of hope for every person on earth.   A promise is a covenant or a token that is unconditional from God.     The Scriptures are full of so many promises from the Lord.    Why is it so hard to believe them all?     A sampling of some of His promises are the gift of eternal life;   that we are more than conquerors through Him;  that we’re kept by His power;  He give us  abundant life;  and  that He would never leave us and much  more.     Many of us have experienced damaged emotions in our life time, but God promises that He will be there with us through them and carry us to completion.     The study deals a lot with dealing with these emotions and what we need to do to overcome their pain.   There’s   a lot of guilt involved as well as debt collecting and we need to learn how to let them go.  

“Falling in Love Again”   Ah, sweet love.  No, I’m not speaking about the love of a spouse or boyfriend.    It’s all about falling in love again with Jesus.   Time---where does it go?   We all have the same amount of time in every day.   Every second, minute and hour goes by and we find ourselves back right where we started sometimes.  When we first came to know Christ, our hearts were filled with joy.   We were so excited and there was nothing we couldn’t do.    “I can do all things through Christ” Philippians 4:13 KJV.    We said this over and over…we prayed really believing that He would answer them.   Our faith was so strong and our burden for souls was endless.   Then, all of a sudden---something happened.    We left our first love…Jesus!   In this study, we relearn all about priorities in our lives and how to regain them.

“Vessels unto Honor” helps us see that we as vessels can and should be used by God for His honor and glory.    In order to become that vessel, we need to flee the things that would separate us from Him.    Then we need to follow after the things that will bring us to a closer walk with Him.   The fruits of Spirit become more evident in our lives.   As we learn not to judge one another our hearts can forgive and we can become that example that the Lord wants us to be.

“Rejoicing Hearts” shows us that we need to come into a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s character and attributes and then develop our worship and love for Him realizing who He is and what He has done for us.    We rejoice because of His glory, His protection, His salvation, His creation, and most of all for understanding ME!   

“A Godly Woman” is exactly that.   The three main areas that we show our relationship with God are without (to the world), within (our homes), and within (our local churches).   Our lives are all traveled in different ‘circles’.     Some women work outside the home and some do not.  Wherever our lives take us, we still come into contact with different people everyday.   If we were put on trial, would there be enough evidence to convict us of being a Christian?    We have to remember that we are ambassadors for Christ.

“Fighting the Good Fight” concerns the fight of faith.   This becomes evident in our lives through righteousness, Godliness, faith, love, patience and meekness.    We are encouraged to fight the good fight even in the midst of the multitude of emotions we come up against in our everyday lives.    We must realize that this battle is not ours---it’s the Lord’s.  He knows all about us and is allowing these particular trials to come into our lives to refine us like pure gold.   He has a purpose for every aspect of our lives.  Many scriptures are given to help us get the daily victory that we need.

“All Things---Through Him” was born out of a time of great physical trials for me.   I had just learned that I was diabetic along with all the maladies that come with that.    I felt like giving up.    I didn’t want to handle anything any more.    Then, I was faced with the reality of “Where do we go from here, Lord?”    Basically, God knows what He’s doing.   He makes NO mistakes in our lives.     Our part in all this is to know that “I can do all things through Christ who is my strength”   Philippians 4:13 KJV.      There is nothing too hard for the Lord and He will help you through day by day, moment by moment and step by step.

“The Joy of the Lord…MY Strength” shares the many aspects of joy in our lives.    It covers a wide spectrum and the Scriptures show us exactly what we need to know in order to accept the joy that only Jesus can give.    Our joy is everlasting, full, and abundant (even in trials).    God’s Word is His personal love letter to us.    His joy will be made manifest in our prayer life, through our Christian fellowship, in tribulations, by the fruits of the Spirit, and through giving to others. 

  “Jesus…My Gentle Shepherd” helps us to realize that Jesus, our Shepherd cares for us with the sacrificial love that only He can give.     A shepherd’s duties are many and OUR Shepherd is no different.  His responsibility for His sheep covers many areas.    Because He knows each one by name—He provides for them.     He secures the pasture, waters the flock as well as restoring them and searching for the lost sheep.  And He is ever so gentle with His sheep because of His deep abiding love.

“Flight F-I-N-A-L …We’re Going To Meet the King” is an exciting study.   If we know Jesus Christ as our Savior, then someday we ARE going to meet the King.  When we plan a trip, we usually have a checklist.   It involves where we’re going, who we’re going to see, how we’re getting there, what we need to take with us, and what we’ll be doing after we arrive.    Our destination, of course, is heaven.    We will either meet this destination by one of two ways---we will go by way of the “rapture” or by our death.   What we’ll see will be splendorous in appearance.   We will see the wall with all its layers of jewels along with the gates of pearl.   The Light of the Lord Jesus will be evident because there will be no need of the sun.   The SON will provide all the light we need.  

“Heart Songs” carries us through a journey of the different seasons of our lives.   Our hearts are affected in many ways on this journey.  Jesus gives us a song for every one of them.  Our earliest stop in this journey is that of LOVE.  The love of our parents is our initial contact.  It’s a love that is beautiful and strong.  The only love that exceeds that of a mother is the love of Christ for us.  JOY is another stop of this journey.   Joy causes our hearts to burst because it cannot be contained.   One place on this journey that we really don’t enjoy experiencing is SORROW.    There will always be trials, temptations, struggles and sadness in our lives.    Our hearts are crushed with sorrow and the hurt is overwhelming, but Jesus even gives us a song then.   Our journey ends with the greatest one of all---HOPE. 

 Through all of the above mentioned, we learn that the Heart Song can only be given by the “Heart Singer”, Jesus Christ.    Many scriptures are given to help the listener keep the beat going on in our lives.

"Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts"  includes an introduction into the gifts.   
A spiritual gift is given to every believer, given by grace, given by the Holy Spirit, and given by God’s abundance.   A supernatural endowment given by the Holy Spirit to the believer to be used for the edifying of the body of Christ.

An explanation and examples of the sign gifts (These gifts were foundational and very needful to start the church.  In order to authenticate the message and the messenger).   The strengthening  gifts (These were given to strengthen and equip the saints for ministering.).   And, finally, the serving gifts (These were given  to help serve the various needs in the body of Christ.)
          One thing we must remember is while exercising your Spiritual gift, do it in a humble and joyful manner.   You have nothing to be proud of--It was given to you by the Holy Spirit, not of anything you’ve done on your own. 

"Reflections"  was a theme of a Mother/Daughter Celebration.  Reflections we have as Mothers should be something we’ve thought hard and long about and as a result, we can share or help others with what we’ve experienced or learned.  I share personal experiences and what God's Word has to say about it. (with song and Scripture)

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