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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Her Children Arise Up And Call Her Blessed

"In the Beginning...."

Far, far away and long ago, there was a little girl who once dreamed and shared her dream with her mother that one day, when she was all grown up, she was going to get married and have five babies just like her mother and grandmother both had.  She also was very determined as she grew older that she was going to have them all "natural" and breast feed every one.  Some plan, eh?

  Yes, and, she was going to be a secretary or an interpreter in Washington, D.C.  What an adventurer and what a dreamer!  This little girl loved to climb trees, build cabins (based on her favorite series of books from "The Boxcar Children"), draw landscapes with pastels or charcoal on the hill behind her house, and sing like an opera singer.  She was the youngest of five children and had quite an astounding imagination (which on occasion would get her into trouble).  She was her Mom's "tonic for her old age" and her Daddy's little "princess" and "pumpkin."  She could also talk her way out of most situations with that big smile and those big brown eyes.

     It's amazing what dreams and plans become as we move from childhood to adulthood.  Well, that little girl was "ME" and it's something how we can look back on  55 years of life and see where those dreams have taken us.

      I DID have those five children two more.   I  DID have them all (except the first one) natural childbirth.  I DID breast feed every, single last one of them.  A total of 63 months (or 70 lunar months or six years and ten months) of pregnancy.   An approximate total of 49 months (or four years and one month) of breast feeding.  That making a grand total of  TEN YEARS AND 11 MONTHS of the first 18 years of our marriage either pregnant or nursing!!!   I know that this is NO world record.   But, baby, that's a lot of dirty diapers down the road!   Wouldn't you say?

     I  don't climb trees anymore (really... I probably can't).  Haven't built any clubhouses or cabins lately.  I DO draw occasionally (usually when coloring in a coloring book with the kids or grandkids).   The one famous picture I draw is a landscape with a lake and mountains and a setting sun with some foliage and a couple birds flying around. This picture has been handed down already from my daughter to her son.  What a heritage!

   Now..I  DO  sing and every so often a chorus from "Phantom of the Opera"  sneaks out, but most of my singing is done is church where I LOVE  to share about my precious Lord.  I WAS a secretary for the year after I graduated from high school until the day I married my Marine Corps hubby, Tom.
 And, NO I never did make it to Washington, D.C. to be an interpreter for some foreign diplomat. I HAVE interpreted more baby talk than I care to talk about....And I will sing  "The Via Dolorosa" at Easter time and an occasional Ukrainian song.   This,  my family just loves to hear.   Smile..

      I may have not achieved all my childhood plans and dreams, but I know that I've experienced a lot more than any one person could have ever wanted or asked for in the life of this "little girl from Butler, Pennsylvania."

(Excerpts from  "Potty Training To Puberty....The Pits..(With Hugs Along The Way)"  by Georgia Sawhook)

A Mother is the one through whom God whispers love to his little children.

Thank you.....
Thank you for rocking my cradle.
Thank you for changing my diapers..often.
Thank you for potty training me and for being so proud when I got it right.
Thank you for playing This Little Piggy with my little piggies.
Thank you for letting me sleep with blankie.
Thank you for keeping your cool through my terrible twos, and my tiring threes and my fearsome fours, and....
Thank you for tucking me in at night and wishing me sweet dreams....and for promising not to let the bedbugs bite
Thank you for praying with me and teaching me HOW to pray
Thank you for chasing me around with a tissue to wipe my nose so that I wouldn't use my sleeves...or yours..
Thank you for reminding me to change my case I'd get into an accident.
Thank you for checking under the bed when I swore there was a monster there.
Thank you for saving the toilet paper rolls for my mice, Minnie and Magic.
Thank you for packing my lunch every day for school.
Thank you for making my favorite dinners for my birthdays.
Thank you for waking me up when I slept in.
Thank you for being there, no matter how late it was, so that when I beeped the horn, I wouldn't be afraid to get out of the car.
Thank you for "NOT" lying for me when I WAS home.
Thank you for loving me.

A Mom's gift is always the best because it's wrapped in love and tied up with heartstrings....


Have you given mom a hug today?..Stop by this special Hug page..

An angel paused in his downward flight
With a seed of truth and love and light,
And he said, "Where must this seed be sown
To bring most fruit when it is grown?"
The Master heard what he said and smiled,
"Go plant it for Me in the heart of a child."


Who was the mother who sacrificially hid her child then gave him up? Exodus 2:1-9 and Exodus 6:20

Who was the kind, hospitable mother who gave Elisha room and board and ultimately was blessed by the miracle of her son's being brought back to life?  2 Kings 4:8-37


This remembrance is in honor of my own precious mother.....Anne.  My mom was born December 20, 1913 in Butler, Pennsylvania.  Her parents came from Ukraine and Poland in the early 1900's and settled in Western Pennsylvania where Granpa opened a grocery store and bakery. Mom quickly learned the trade and she and my father took over the business before I was born.
She was an awesome cook and baked the best bread.  Every Saturday, you could smell cinnamon rolls or doughnuts and fresh bread baking in our small kitchen.  In the summer, she would can pickles (yummy..) and all sorts of goodies that were kept in the basement.
 Mom always said..."Waste not..want not".. and she was very careful to provide handmade dresses for her four daughters and we were always neat and clean. We also had an older brother, Chuck or Charles (as she would always call him).
  She taught us respect of the elderly and to be kind and always to speak to people.  As we grew and left home, Mom and Dad had so much fun just shopping together and bowling and especially playing Scrabble.  The saddest day of Mom's life was when my Dad, Mike, died after a long battle with cancer.  Mom didn't think she could go on.. But she pushed on and became more involved with her volunteer work with United Cerebral Palsy and working in the Hospital Gift Shop once a month.  She continued her bowling too.  As a matter of fact, in April 1995, Mom bowled the highest on her team and they won the tournament.  She was 80 years old.
  Within the next two months, we knew something was wrong with Mom.  We found out at the end of June, she had cancer. She was admitted to the hospital July 1, 1995 and stayed until August 2, 1995 when our precious Lord Jesus took her home.  My fondest remembrance of her in the hospital was my last visit...when I sang "My Jesus I Love Thee" to her. I'll never forget it!! I love you and miss you, Mama.   See you later.

Eleanor Sawhook....May 2, 1923 to May 4, 1999

This is a special token of my love to my mother-in-law, Eleanor, who went  home to be with the Lord today after a 12 year battle with breast cancer....she lived a very rich and full life and the Lord was definitely merciful to her in her last weeks...Thank you Lord for giving her the strength...You are truly so wonderful...We miss you!!!!

Definitions From a Mom's Perspective

Terrible Two's - Having both kids at home all summer.
Panic- What a Mom goes through when her baby's wind-up swing stops.
Walls - Complete set of drawing paper for kids that comes with every room.
"I said so" - Reason enough, according to Mom.
Pets - Small, furry creatures which follow kids home so Mom will have someone ELSE to clean up after.
Maybe - "NO"
Cook- An act of preparing food for consumption .....(or Mom's other name).
Quiet - A state of household serenity which occurs before the birth of the first child and again after the last child has left for college.
"When your father gets home..." - The standard measure of time between the crime and the punishment.
Jackpot - When all the kids stay at a friends' home for the night.


What mother and grandmother were instrumental in leading a young boy to the Lord with the early knowledge of the scriptures?  II Timothy 1:5
 What mother-to-be was shocked that she was having a baby at her age?  Genesis 18:11-15

"The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.  Thy father and thy mother shall be glad, and she that bare thee shall rejoice."

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