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Friday, May 21, 2010

Memorial Day AND Veteran's Day/ Never Forget!!


May We Always Remember

May 28, 2018

This is the day we set aside to remember those who  died while bravely serving our country to give us our liberty.   I always feel that Memorial Day and Veterans’s Day go hand in hand, that’s why I have them together.  

There is a difference between them all, so here's a good way to remember all these holidays.

Veteran's Day

On November 11th  we remember the veterans who have served our country everywhere, at home, on the sea and in the air.   But we especially remember the Armistice which was signed in the Forest of Compiegne by the Allies and the Germans in 1918, ending World War I, after four years of conflict.

to view an informative page about this special holiday.  This day was formerly named "Armistice Day". Both of these special holidays honor our veterans and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, that's why I have them both on here today.

And we must remember that freedom is NOT free

We remember those who served and gave their lives in World War I

World War II remembered

From the Pacific campaigns to France, Germany, England and beyond, our men and women fought this war and did not come home til it was over.

Til they saw our flag flying...they fought on.

Then came the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

 This is the Korean War Memorial In Washington, D.C,.
23,615 killed in action

And, let's NEVER forget the brave women who fought, nursed our men to health, and provided moral support to all those who serve.  God bless you!!!

33,000 served in World War One and almost 500,000 took part in World War Two.  During the Korean era 120,000 women were in uniform. An estimated 11,500 American women served in Vietnam, about 90 percent of them as medical personnel. During Desert Storm seven per cent of the total U.S. forces deployed were women - over forty thousand of them. At this time, I do not have the current number of women who have served in Aghanistan and Iraq, but 200,000 women in total serve with the armed forces.

The military provides for the spiritual needs of its personnel by offering religious services, moral guidance, and counseling. Chaplains conduct worship services for military personnel and perform other spiritual duties covering the beliefs and practices of all religious faiths. They sometimes also put their lives on the line.  Thank you!

Then, there was Viet Nam.  The war that no one wanted and that no one accepted.   Those brave men and women who fought did so because they were there to help free the people and for our freedom ultimately.   A total of 58,178 were killed either in action, died of their wounds later, died while in captivity and illness.  My husband proudly served with the 3rd Marine Division at Da Nang Air Wing, MAG 11- AW 232 from 1965 - 1966.   I am so very proud of him and thankful to God that He brought him back home to me.

Sgt. Thomas L. Sawhook

Semper Fi!

From Khe Sahn to Drang Valley to  the Gulf of Tonkin to the Tet Offensive, our men fought strong and hard.

During Viet Nam as in other wars, another unsung hero were the K-9 War Dogs.

Perhaps the most unsung heroes are the K-9 Dogs Of War. Their natural instincts for love and loyality for their masters is boundless. American War Dogs that have been trained for combat have proven time and again they are man's best friend especially in the trenches. These dogs are also trained for parachute landings.

These 4-legged angels lived, bonded and fought side-by-side with our soldiers...our veterans...our POW/MIA's.

"America's war dogs were trained to recognize booby traps, mines tunnels and weapons caches. They warned troops about ambushes. They saved lives by dragging wounded soldiers to safety.

America's war dogs prevented over 10,000 casualties in Vietnam alone and bravely served our country in Operation Desert Storm, as well as WWII."

Information for this subject was found on

Let's NEVER forget those that were left behind in the harshest of circumstances.  May they live on in our memory forever.

We miss those who gave their all.

Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan

And now to all our troops who have served and continue to serve in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Iraq from Desert Storm to Iraqi Freedom.  We lift our hearts to you and pray your safe return. And for those who continue to fight the war on terror all over the world. 

I do not have the current number of fallen heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One thing about America is


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