Memories from Summer of 2018

Saturday, September 12, 2015


            The day was beautiful.. a lovely early September day... then while watching Fox Morning News, it began for me.  What?   Oh no....they said a plane crashed into one of the World Trade Center buildings!   Was it pilot error?  Was it just a fluke?   Was it a small plane?    No.. it was a passenger jet!  Oh no!!  The poor people... how many would die and how many would be injured..     Then right before our eyes.... another plane.........the other World Trade Center building!  This was no pilot error! 

This was a terrorist attack against the United States.. How?  Why?  

    And then, there we were glued to the television in amazement and wonder... watching people running for their lives.. then again. The news breaks out with another plane crashing into the Pentagon....
then another one in the hills of Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh (possibly headed for the White House). 
 Oh dear God in heaven... what's happening?  Will more come?  Will more people die?

    We call our loved ones in those areas...   Myself...... I called my 5th child, Jonathan, who lives in Washington, DC.   I called my sister, Patty, who lives in Virginia outside Washington near Dulles Airport.  Is everyone all right? 

     My dear friends, I know we all have stories to tell of that fateful day... where we were.... what we were doing... who we knew that lived near the areas... and then there were those who received phone calls to say their last 'good byes' from the airplanes or business offices in the towers...Phone calls or visits from the police or fire departments telling them that their  loved ones bodies had been recovered and yes...they had died.   For days and weeks and yes even months later, families still waited word.  In fact, just this past week or so, a couple of men were located in a local hospital with amnesia who were victims of 9/11.  Their families were rejoicing... but the victims didn't remember who they were.

     There's coming a day, dear ones, when we will all face this time in our lives.  It may not be a terrorist attack or
explosion of such magnitude.. but someone dear to us will depart this earth for their final destination.

    You, too, will feel the pain and hurt and despair that they feel at the loss of this loved one.   Some of us have lost parents or children or sisters and brothers and other family members or friends.  It's so hard, isn't it?  But an old hymn says it well.. "What a day that will be.. when my Jesus I shall see.. when  I look upon His face... the One who saved me by His grace.. When He takes me by the hand.. and leads me to the Promised Land.. what a day.. wonderful day that will be."  

The Bible says that our life is but a vapor...disappears in a moment... time will be no more.. and eternity awaits us.   Are you ready?Are your loved ones and friends ready?   Have you talked to that neighbor near to you who doesn't know this Saviour.  None of us is promised tomorrow... Proverbs 27:1 "Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth..."  

     So.. take this 911 Memorial time as an opportunity to share Jesus Christ with those who know not our precious Saviour..Don't let them go into eternity without Him .. knowing that you didn't share His love.. It only takes a minute.. and it lasts forever and forever!!!!

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