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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Making Pumpkin Seeds From Your Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin Seeds

You can use any sized pumpkin you like.  The first thing you do is to cut the top of the pumpkin where the stem is so you can get inside.  

The stores have cheap kits for a $1 that have scoopers and tools inside.   I just use the little paring knife from Pampered Chef to open and design my pumpkin and an ice cream scoop to get all the gunky stuff out as well as the seeds.  

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Once you have gotten all the seeds out, place  them into a strainer and rinse them well to get any of the pumpkin residue off.  Drain well.  Now put them onto a 9 x 13 cookie sheet and add enough water to the pan to cover the pumpkin seeds.  They will float a little.  But you don't want them to have too much water.     I then take a carton of salt and evenly sprinkle back and forth until all the seeds are covered well.  
Put into the oven on a top shelf.  Set your timer for 20 minutes.   Take them out and check them.   Put in oven with time for another 10 minutes.  (It's really important to keep an  eye on them so they don't scorch or burn).  

 (See the salt around the edges).  With a spatula, turn them over.  They will still be wet a little on the bottom. 

 Spread them out.  Put them back into the oven for 15 minutes.  Check them again and stir them around. 

Put back into oven for the final 5 minutes.  
Remove from oven and 'voila'.  All done.  

Put onto a paper towel covered plate until COMPLETELY cooled.. 

To store either put into a sealed plastic container, or a zip lock bag.  

Enjoy!!!   This only comes once a year and it's a really special treat.  

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