Friday, August 16, 2013

A VALENTINE TEA (from February 2013)

Having  a tea takes a little planning, but you first have to take into consideration the month or time of year. 

This was from February 2013, so obviously I chose the Valentine theme.   It was so much fun to do. 
It's so much fun to shop for Valentine things.  The old fashioned doilies are always a beautiful accent as well as rose petals and red candles.   I always buy and use fresh flowers.  Most times, I use tea pots as the vase to hold the flowers.

I found these delicate with  red and pink rose bud soaps that I decorated as a favor in the middle of the dessert plate (with doily beneath).    Each setting also had a mini cupcake holder with candy hearts AND of course, CHOCOLATE!!

I don't think there's anything more beautiful with a well set table.  Very appealing to the eye.  I always use my Grandmother's china.  And I have a collection of tea cups and everyone gets their own special one for the meal.  
I made home made chicken salad sandwiches.  I bought a heart-shaped cutter thus making heart-shaped sandwiches.  Yum.

Veggies are always a good addition to any luncheon.  What I loved about this was a "Pinterest" idea to make the dip servers out of peppers.  Very pretty, aren't they?

A favorite part of this luncheon was fresh fruit with a yummy fruit dip.   I had blueberries, pineapple, grapes, kiwi, blackberries and strawberries.  Delightful to any palate. 

Then, of course, what would a Valentine themed tea be without chocolate.  I found the most awesome, delicious triple chocolate cake and prettied it up with some hearts.  

And to add a little more ... here's the dessert I made for my hubby for Valentine's Day.  Scrumptious.

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