Friday, February 17, 2012


This was the table set for a recent tea I had at my house for Valentine's day.
The recipe I am listing is the dessert I made for my honey for Valentine's Day ... He LOVED it!  (and so did I).. 

Angel Chocolate Strawberry Delight

1 angel food cake, torn into small pieces
1 small instant vanilla pudding
1 quart strawberries
1/2 of 12 ounce pkg. of semi sweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate or even white chocolate chips
Can of "light" whipped cream (the only thing that's light :)

Tear angel food cake into bite-sized pieces into a bowl or plate (one that's not real deep).

Make instant vanilla pudding as directed and pour it over the angel food cake while it is still runny and try to cover the entire cake.

Wash and cut strawberries in half and put into a bowl, add about 3 tablespoons of sugar (or sweetener if you prefer).  Put in refrigerator for at least a half hour so it can make a little syrup.   

Pour over the cake and spread it out so that there's strawberries all over. 

Take 1/2 package of a  12 oz.  chocolate chips.  Place in a microwave safe dish and melt until nice and liquidy.  Drizzle all the chocolate over all the strawberries.  Good to the last drop.   

Put in refrigerator for at least a half hour.   Then squirt whipped cream on top right before you serve. 

It tastes like chocolate covered strawberries on top of luscious combo of vanilla pudding and angel food cake. GREAT dessert and VERY easy.  


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